Coming into the light (Colour Mixed) – Paul Peters


Paul Razano Peters (alias Paul) is the author of the book ‘Coming into the Light’. He is an evangelist, philanthropist, and motivational speaker. When he’s not evangelizing or out on missions, he can be found studying the word in the bible. He has completed a distance-learning degree course in Ministry through the Trinity Bible School.

Paul was born healthy in a colored suburb called Eldoradopark, Johannesburg.  At the age of three, he became a victim of a pedestrian accident. Paul, his brother and their granny Rowena were visiting relatives in Reigerpark, Boksburg, when an oncoming motor vehicle knocked Paul while the boys were playing outside near the main road. On impact with the vehicle, Paul flung five meters into the air and then he landed head first on the tarmac. Paul sustained massive trauma to the head and brain resulting in localized haemorrhage to the left side of his brain. He was in a coma for two weeks.  While he was in the coma he saw three doors, a yellow door, a white door, and a blue door. Then God told him to choose a door and he chose the yellow door which is hope, love, and life. When he came out of the coma, he had muscle paralysis he couldn’t swallow, speak or move and a third optic nerve injury in the left eye. The symptoms are similar to those of a stroke. He didn’t recognize his mother and thought she was one of the nurses. People spoke to him and he couldn’t answer back so he just smiled at them.

After two months they discharged him from the hospital and he went home with his mom and dad; his dad was abusive so their relationship never lasted for more than two months. It was a long road of recovery for Paul and painful and very frustrating for his divorced, single mom Shanaaz. His prognosis was not good and Doctors advised his mom to put him in an institution, however his mom decided against the idea. At the age of five, his mom remarried and Paul felt isolated. He gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ because of his longing for his biological father. He experienced a number of difficulties fighting for his independence and place in a cruel world that is often non-accepting of people with disabilities. His family is constantly moving house so he has to adapt to different areas and schools. His challenged at school with bullying and struggles with his identity, sex, and sexuality. At the age of seventeen his family moves to a different province, Amanzimtoti, a coastal town in Durban. He has to leave his girlfriend and friends behind. He struggles to adapt to the new province that has many hills and challenges his mobility. Isolated and alone behind high walls he rebels and suffers from chronic depression to the point where he tries to starve himself to death.

By the grace of God, he finds a church community that embraces him and a school mentor that reaches out to him, and builds up his faith. He finishes special education after grade six and has limited vocabulary and comprehension. Paul starts a small business and helps out with fundraising for a non-profit company. After going on a soul searching mission to a healing school in Johannesburg, he comes back completely transformed and starts praying for people in the community and a shopping mall and people receive their healing. He has a desire to be a pastor and he attends a bible study program and various courses at this church and eventually goes on to complete his degree in ministry. He motivates youth and has spoken on many platforms.

His life has not been without challenges but even more so given his personal struggles with being in a wheelchair and his constant desire and obsession with walking. His attempt at getting up and walking sees him rushing to the hospital numerous times. However, this does not deter him from praying for other people for healing and seeing them healed and leading people to Christ. He encounters physical touches, visions, and dreams from God and Jesus through the Holy Spirit and his relationship with them become more meaningful. Experiences disability abuse and a break up from a long-standing relationship all the while he questions himself and doubts that a normal able-bodied person would ever love him for him because of the wheelchair. He struggles at times to keep his faith and chronic depression because of failed relations. All the while he goes on to write a book through the leading of the Holy Spirit using only one finger. The book takes him four year to type because of his disability. It was important for him to follow the assignment given to him by the Holy Spirit. He is focused on seeing the lost saved hence he has made street evangelism his mission. Paul has also become somewhat an icon in Amanzimtoti and is well known to all; in his quest to see the lost saved on the streets he has also broken all the barriers and stereotypical opinions that stop people with severe disabilities from having an active life on the streets. He has proved that the word of God is true and that he can do all things through Jesus Christ who strengthens him. Jesus has been his enabler and his lifestyle is a testament to that. Paul and his family have moved to the Cape flats this year and he is already impacting lives in his new community. If you ask Paul if God heals the answer will always be yes. Regardless of whether healing manifests in his body in this lifetime- He will always believe that he is healed because of the freedom he has in Jesus Christ, he is not disabled.

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