Choose Victory – Potso Matlaletsa


Potso Maria Matlaletsa was born in the Free State.  She was raised by her parents, until her dad passed away, two and half decades ago. The passing of her father broke her heart, she saw her beloved mother struggling to carry on, raising them alone, without him. Being in the medical field, it taught her the power of believing. As a child of God, under the leadership of her father in the Lord Rev Tim Omotoso, she has learnt that you can achieve anything with the word of God, through His teachings.

She studied nursing, medical technician, HR and Bachelor’s degree in Behavioural sciences and that have broaden her understanding about humanity.

Her passion for writing began years ago. She used to write randomly.  A small amount of information into quotes. She was surprised how much people liked them. She didn’t want to become a writer, but she got the encouragement from one of her church branch leaders, Evangelist William Lepheane, for that, she is genuinely and greatly thankful.