Mecs Publishing was founded by Edna Cane Swannepoel who was classified as being disabled. Edna is an author of Christian novels. She established Mecs Publishing in order to assist other authors to realise their dreams. 
Edna, born in 1983, was 15 years old when she wrote her first song and at the age of 17 she authored her first book, ‘Dreams do come true’. She moved to Pretoria and dreamed to be a song writer and an author.  After an unstable way of living in Pretoria she returned to Witbank without her dreams being fulfilled. (Read all about her in her autobiography ‘Goodbye to yesterday’).
After returning home, she worked as a bar lady. In 2006 she was a victim of a horrific car accident after which she lost a percentage of her brain capacity and was consequently declared to be a person with a disability. She refused to accept this pronouncement and began to express her emotions through writing. Her books are based on Christian principles. Today she also writes songs which are performed by various artists.